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mirror/distribution rename

I'm renaming mirror/distribution to mirror/suite, since the suite is
the value it really holds, and calling it "distribution" was making the
code too confusing.

I also have some changes pending commit to make the installer smarter
about default suites. Instead of defaulting to testing in choose-mirror,
I make it prefer whichever suite sarge is currently in. So currently it
defaults to testing, but when sarge goes stable, it will begin to
default to stable automatically. (It also has reasonable behavior if
sarge is not on the mirror at all.) This required downloading and
parsing the Release file one more time.

I have some equivilant fixes in cdrom-detect, so that mirror/suite will
be set to whatever suite it actually on the ISO. Since that _also_
required a Release file parser, I am tempted to move release file
parsing to a utility in rootskel or something..

Anyway, it seems to work ok, although we may not really know until sarge
really does go stable.

see shy jo

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