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Bug#231083: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#231083: installation-reports: sarge i386 beta2, success but severe glitches)

Quoting Andree Leidenfrost (aleidenf@bigpond.net.au):
> [Not sure whether you get this via Debian bucktracking, so I CC you...]

Thanks. I indeed do get the bug reports as I'm subscribed to

About speed, well I was yesterday in a "let's deal ASAP with
installation-reports" mood...We are sooooo late with dealing with

> Just to elaborate on this one: It surely says something like 'Loading
> module floppy for Linux Floppy each of the three times. Couldn't we do
> one hardware detection run and stoe the result?

Maybe....but maybe not. This is why I recorded this anyway.

> > Give that most user use to hit Enter too quickly there, I'm definitely
> > not in favor of this change.
> Hm, I don't see the difference with regards to hitting Enter too
> quickly:
> Currently: User hits enter and has no name resolution.
> My suggestion: User hits enter and at least *might* have name resolution
> in case the gateway is also the name server which you get quite
> frequently, e.g. with little firewall/router boxes. 

This is also why I recorded your suggestion as a separate bug for
netcfg. My own advice is not mandatory for sure....

> > You're right about current partitioner module. However, the future
> > partitioning tool (partman) has this feature, as well as the
> > autopartitioning module. If you're OK, I don't
> > record this as a bug.
> This is IMHO not related to partitioning. Partitioning is finished once
> I quit cfdisk. What I'm referring to is filesystem creation, e.g.
> mkfs.ext3 <something> and subsequent mounting. 

But this belongs to partitioning modules, though of course this is not
strictly speaking partitioning.

> Note that doing a badblcok scan is potentially time consuming for large
> disks and/or slow hardware. My suggestion would to make it optional but
> to definitely offer it. An alternative could be to use the badblocks
> program (part of package e2fsprogs) and have an additional bootmenu
> entry for harddisk scanning.

Which translates by a wish for a new module....:-)

> > Well, this looks like a pretty specialized demand....Dunno if
> > recording a bug will trigger something.
> Fair enough. But maybe the bpalogin package could at least be added to
> the CD so that allow manual configuration? Wishlist? ;-)

I suggest you file a bug report against bpalogin for having it
included in one of tasksel tasks.

> > This is #229211, extended.
> If anything, I'd rather say it's #229211 much reduced (although I agree
> with #229211 in regards to presering access to already installed OSes):
> All I'm really after is to have:
> prompt
> timeout=20
> in the installed standard lilo.conf to give me an opportunity to provide
> kernel parameters.

What I mean is that bot boot loader modules need some improvement for
allowing the user to customize them.

What I suggest to you as you obviously have great interest in helping
out is to look at the individual bug reports I cloned from you
installation reports.....and bring comments there.

I'm afraid I won't have time enough for doing it myself......The D-I
team is definitely a bit too smal for all user wishes..:-)

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