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Re: Install Report: Failure - Dell PowerApp Web 100 - Failed to detect scsi controller

Erik Dykema wrote:
> 	OK, I think i get it, thanks!  I was attempting to install the 
> 'testing' distribution, that must be why it didn't work.
> 	So the 'fix' for this is to get the 2.4.24 kernel into testing.
> 	OR, to build a 'testing' version of d-i.

Yes, I may see about getting the 2.4.24 kernel into testing eventually.
However, if you want to test unstable d-i -- and there's no reason to
use the unstable netboot images if you don't -- then you should still
pick unstable.

> 	As a side note, I have a question regarding why the netboot images 
> 	need not contain all the necessary drivers?  At their current size (2.1 
> megs) they are too small to fit onto a floppy disk, so they are mostly 
> used by (perhaps here is where I am wrong?) those doing PXE boots (like 
> me)?
> 	On the sizes that we are working with ( 1 - 10 megabytes ) I don't 
> think it would necessarily hurt to include more drivers / modules in the 
> netboot image.

I think there are some netboot image size limits, though I really don't

see shy jo

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