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Re: Install Report: Failure - Dell PowerApp Web 100 - Failed to detect scsi controller

Erik Dykema wrote:
> Everything seems to boot up fine, but the kernel fails to detect the 
> adaptec scsi controller, so the installer gets to the 'Partition Hard 
> Drives' part without any warning and then won't go any further.  There 
> is no error message suggesting that hard drives were not detected.

We currently have the following situation with netboot installs of
unstable debian-installer:

 - The netboot image needs to download the scsi and ide drivers from the
   debian archive; they are not included in the image.
 - By default, d-i uses the versions of the udebs in testing.
 - In unstable, d-i has switched to the 2.4.24 kernel. The version of
   d-i in testing uses the 2.4.22 kernel.

Therefore, if you want to do a netboot install using the unstable
version of d-i, you need to make sure that you tell it to install
unstable. This will include looking in unstable for the scsi, ide, and
other kernel modules, where it will find the 2.4.24 ones. It will also
include installing debian unstable to your hard drive, unless you go
back to the mirror configuration step after d-i downloads the rest of
itself, and switch it back to using testing.

see shy jo

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