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Re: Countrychooser changes

Quoting Cameron Patrick (cameron@patrick.wattle.id.au):

> BTW do the other non-USA English variants list en_GB before en in the
> language variable?  On my machines I use en_AU:en_GB:en, and I can

They should. However the future of languagechooser is currently opened
for discussion (see recent threads).

Anyway, if you first choose "English" (any of the current choices),
then "New-Zealand" in countries, then you will end up with en_NZ as
first entry in debian-installer/language

On the other hand, the locale will still be the one you get from you
languagechooser choice.

The way the lcoale is chosen is still to be decided as we have one
additional problem : the locale has to be amon SUPPORTED locales (as
in /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED)

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