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Re: Unsupported hardware report tool

Am Monday 02 February 2004 23:13 schrieb Joey Hess:
> Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> > I will have a look at it and eventually include it in discover-data. I
> > think it could be usefull there.
> Maybe use it as a reportbug hook script.
> This reminds me of my old idea to make d-i install a package called
> installer-postmortum or so, that included the install report template, a
> reportbug hook script to gather info, and removed the logs and other
> minor d-i cruft when it was purged.
As it looks like the script is recieved as a good idea, I'll do some cleanup 
in the next few days. If you can give me some hints about the reportbug hook, 
I'll try to implement that. I'll apt-get source reportbug tomorrow and will 
have a look at it.
I also volunteer to write a script to fill in parts of the current 
installation report.


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