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Re: debian-installer help wanted

On Sat, 31 Jan 2004 13:43:29 -0500, Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:

7. graphical boot screen

   We would like to drag Debian kicking and screaming into the .. er,
   late 90's by giving its installer a fancy graphical boot screen. We
   have two candidates, but would be glad to see something even better.
   Note that it's limited to 16 colors and 640x480 resolution, and see
   the syslinux documentation for details.

Is this just a syslinux splash or a graphical boot as well? Bootsplash can handle a graphical boot, although this would mean a patched kernel and some additional packages. Don't think that would be an easy thing to add.

Matthew A. Nicholson

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