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Re: Keyboard deathinstalling on Dimension XPS 8250

Charles Muller wrote:
> I have been trying the Sarge net installers as they have been coming out,
> and still keep having the same problem. I insert the CD, reboot, choose
> "linux" or "net" install, and as soon as I get to the first screen that
> offers the language selection, my keyboard dies (no lights, nothing).
> Googling around, I've come across the same report in various Debian lists
> for relatively new Dell desktops (Optiplexes and Dimensions).

Yes, I remember a few reports of this, as well as similar reports with
red hat on the same machine failing similarly. I think knoppix may have
been reported to work.

But I have no idea what's wrong with these machines or what the
workaround could be, unfortunatly. :-(

see shy jo

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