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Re: Kudos and nitpicking of german translation of d-i

Christian Perrier schrieb:
>>* Detect and mount CD-ROM
>>    modprobe -v ide-disk fails, known bug, not a problem.
>>    before finishing this menu item:
>>    "Einige Module konnten nicht geladen werden"
>>    "Das '', das für '' benötigt wird ... "
>>    Seems to me that $vars were 'quoted' and now only the '' are left ...
> (this belongs to the ddetect package)
> By looking at the de.po file, I found at least two strings which were
> obviously outdated though not marked as fuzzy.
> I fuzzied them so that you notice it.

I fixed this one. Right now I'm unsure how to proceed with the other issues Erich brought up. Should we wait until the "last-translator" notices this discussion and fixes his po-File, or is it OK if I grep trough the code to solve Erich's list?

Alwin Meschede

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