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Re: Possibilty to load image from network?

> Not with the released images. The problem is that d-i is too big for one
> floppy with all the translations. It is possible to cut out a lot of
> that stuff, and possibly use a custom kernel, and cram it onto one
> floppy that is able to get on the net and download the rest of the
> installer and do an install. I know it's been done, but I don't know if
> the image has been made public.

Both the RedHat and Mandrake installers use a two-stage boot. I guess this
is because they both have graphical installers (besides the text ones) one
those thingies are space hogs.

The first stage is text-only. The second stage is text or graphical. And it
is actually the second one that I was able to NFS-mount.

Because D-I doesn't have the notion of first/second stage, all that is
possible is to modify the netboot-initrd.gz via mount -o loop and PXE-boot
it. I figured out how to do that in the meantime.

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