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Re: d-i manual: content status report

Miroslav Kure wrote:
> I'd like to wake up developers and convince them to start writing
> missing bits of documentation.

This is hard to do when you cannot build the docs and see how your
change looks, so I was very happy to see your post to debian-doc about
the stuff you have come up with to build the manual. 

>    Thanks to Chris Tillman's hard work we now have solid base for
>    sarge manual written in DocBook XML
>    (debian-installer/doc/man/en/ directory). I guess about 30% is
>    still missing and we need some actualization. *If* Joey claims
>    beta2 will turn into final in e.g. 3 weeks and Aj sets up
>    another aggressive release date

This seems fairly unlikely, but I cannot speak for aj.

>    on stable, desire), where will be manual then? And how much time
>    will be left for translators to catch up? If my memory serves
>    well, official documentation for cds and www is built only once
>    (just before the new stable is released).

I don't see any real reason to do it that way, I would rather build the
manual at least as freqently as the boot media and always have as
current a version as possible on the cds and linked to from d-i's

>    It is clear, that rewriting parts of documentation again and
>    again just to reflect the current state of the installer is
>    quite unproductive. I don't propose this. What I propose, is to
>    write _now_ about stable parts of d-i which _won't change_ (or
>    will change in very subtle ways) in the future. [e.g. With clear
>    conscience I do recommend translators to begin with translating
>    of the welcome chapter right now, because I'm convinced
>    everything important is in and won't change].

I'm fairly sure that the following will not change significantly:

 - overall basic design, means of booting it and stuff like that
 - keyboard selection
 - network setup
 - udeb selection and retreival
 - base installation
 - ancillary stuff like running a shell, checking a cd, where the logs
   are, etc
 - base-config

The following have a good chance of significant changes:

 - partitioning and formatting
 - language / country selection

The following will probably change in small ways that should be easy to
keep docs up-to-date for:

 - names of boot images
 - installer boot parameters (ie, we might get an "xfs" or "2.6" boot method)

see shy jo

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