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Re: Partman added to d-i repository

On  9.I.2004 at 17:57 Christian Perrier wrote:
> I think that the above template should be converted also. Are you OK?

OK.  Only one template made problem and then I decided to avoid
boolean templates.  I don't remember which template was problematic.
Lets change all of them and see what will happen.

> BTW, I also changed error templates with Type: error instead of note.....

I only recently discovered that cdebconf supports such type.

Variable parts (such as ${MAXSIZE}) may not be used for Default in the
templates.  I will return `some number' as it was and change
`_Default' to `Default'.  The scripts replace this text by some
number; it was marked as translatable due to oversight.

BTW, it is very nice to see my English corrected.

Anton Zinoviev

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