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Re: beta 2 update

--- Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> wrote:
> Unless we find something badly wrong with them, the
> installation images
> currently in testing for i386, and the Jan 3rd i386
> isos will be the
> final images used for beta 2 for i386. 

I tested the Jan 3rd i386 netinst iso. It still
doesn't work with older ATAPI CD-ROMs that can't
handle DMA, since 1) the standard kernel parameter
ide=nodma gets mysteriously ignored by the installer,
and 2) AFAIK, not all motherboard BIOS allow the
disabling of DMA.

I don't know if you consider that badly wrong or not.
That standard-issue, documented kernel parameters get
ignored by the installer seems disturbing to me. That
a common problem that has long been worked around in
Linux installers is now being overlooked also bugs me.

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