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Re: XFS support in d-i: netinst CD image available for download

Steve Langasek wrote:
> One oddity I did notice was that apt configuration seemed to be stuck in
> an infinite loop:  I would choose my mirror, the Packages files were
> downloaded, and then it would return me to the 'choose a method' screen.
> Hitting cancel took me back to the main menu and I was able to continue
> from there, but that seems suboptimal.  If anyone can reproduce this
> problem, or confirm that it's a known issue not specific to the XFS
> build, please let me know.

I doubt that this is specific to the XFS build. base-config tries to
figure out whether the scanned CD is a netinst CD, if so the user should
configure more apt sources. But it's supposed to ask a yes/no question
about this, with an appropriate default based on the type of CD. If that
question is not displayed it would loop back to the choose a method
screen. I thought I had fixed the priority of the yes/no question in
base-config 2.04, but I have not really tested it. I do see at least one
bug in the code, but not one that would prevent the question from being
displayed at all.

see shy jo

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