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Re: two successful install reports (except for hostname problem)

Tollef Fog Heen wrote:
> * Joey Hess 
> | Debian-installer-version: Jan 1st netinst from ~manty + Jan 30th hd-media
> Oh, do you have any other hd-media from the future as well?

Dec 30th. (But yes, yes I do..)

> |   I think the best fix for this would be to make netcfg ask at priority
> |   high for a hostname. The other option is to make base-config ask at high
> |   if the hostname is "debian", but to get this into beta 2 would delay the
> |   beta by at least 3 days (testing propigation). Also, by the time we get
> |   to base-config, the hostname has been encoded in more files than
> |   base-config knows about (including: motd, pap-secrets, hosts).
> |
> |   I also think we should ask for a hostname if dhcp does not provide one,
> |   instead of again defaulting to "debian".
> | 
> |   If we don't fix this, it will need to go into the errata.
> I think we should defer all questions as long as we can, so if we
> don't need the hostname in d-i, base-config should ask about it and
> set it.  However, the reason why it was asked about in d-i is that
> else you get some weird errors during base install.  So, unless we fix
> base so that it doesn't funk up when installing with hostname unset,
> we should bump the priority of the netcfg hostname question.  Having
> b-c ask if it equals to debian is an ugly hack, and we shouldn't do
> that.  If so, we should rather have something which people will not
> choose automatically, like debian-default-hostname, which b-c can then
> ask about.

Well, d-i currently sets the hostname before debootstrap is run, even if
the prompt is not shown. This works, but it does make everything that
looks at the hostname get "debian".

I forgot to upload a netcfg today with the priority raised, but I have
one, and it works better in my testing.

> motd isn't a problem -- it is rewritten on each boot.
> does pap-secrets include hostname?

Yes, it does. What really sucks is arbitrary files may start to include
it later with no warning as base changes.. Short of base-config doing a
global s/debian-default-hostname/$HOSTNAME/ ..

see shy jo

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