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Re: Integrity checks failing

James J. Ramsey wrote:
> When I attempted to install with the 2003-12-31
> netinst CD, not long after I did the language
> selection, I got an error message like this:
> "The integrity check for <FOO> failed. It is most
> likely corrupt. Aborting."
> After that, I was able to reboot and get back to my
> old system.
> <FOO> varies a bit. On one attempted install, it was
> "base-installer"; on another "baseconfig-udeb"; on
> still another "bterm-unifont." I thought the problem
> might be DMA-related, because I have an older CD-ROM
> that does screwy things when DMA is enabled for it.
> However, starting the install by typing "linux
> ide=nodma" at the "boot:" prompt did not change
> anything.

Have you tried writing a new CD using a different CD burner? I can
verify that the problem means it is getting some corrupted data in a
file from the CD, but the CDs we ship do not have corrupted files on

see shy jo

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