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Re: ports status update

Joey Hess wrote:
> This is my impression of the status of the d-i ports for the beta. It
> may be wildly skewed, but it's my impression right now:
>  mips: May be in beta 2
>  	- I think it almost works, but there may be a final big peice or
> 	  two. No recent install reports, but I hope for some soon.

Including it in beta 2 will surely help the install reports.

> 	- Autobuilds working.
> 	- No daily builds, or CDs.

Network install works (at least for me) from netboot-image.img, which
is _not_ provided from ftp.debian.org (but the CVS code creates it).

CD images could be made from cdrom-imitrd.gz and vmlinux there,
plus arcboot and some magic shell script. This is still untested.

The cdrom-image.img is useless, it shouldn't be created.

>  mipsel: ?
>  	- I always confuse this with mips, but I think it's having
> 	  progress made but is a little behind. No recent install
> 	  reports, no autobuilds, no daily builds (?), no CDs.

AFAIH it's close to autobuilding now.


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