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ports status update

This is my impression of the status of the d-i ports for the beta. It
may be wildly skewed, but it's my impression right now:

 i386: On track for beta 2
 	- Several recent install reports, it seems to be working well,
	  barring the problems I am tracking in doc/TODO.
	- New manty CD images have lots of changes, and need some more
	- Daily build and debian-installer package autobuilding going ok.
 powerpc: Very shakey
 	- Daily building is down; Thorsten Sauter needs a build machine
	  and bruckner is down, voltaire is not set up right. Needs a
	  debian admin or a kindly offer from someone with a powerpc
	- Autobuilding ok.
	- Kernels are in a state of transition.
	- CD images are broken due to daily build issue.
	  May soon switch them over to use the autobuilt images.
	- No recent install reports, and dunno if it'll work.
 ia64: Likely to be in beta 2
 	- I have the impression it probably works, but no install
	  reports to back this up. Some are promised Mon/Tue.
	- Daily building ok. Autobuilding is failing due to #225128.
	- CD images are building.

 mips: May be in beta 2
 	- I think it almost works, but there may be a final big peice or
	  two. No recent install reports, but I hope for some soon.
	- Autobuilds working.
	- No daily builds, or CDs.

 arm: Uncertian
	- Progress is being made, but I've not noticed any install
	  reports. Also no daily builds, autobuilds, or CDs.

 mipsel: ?
 	- I always confuse this with mips, but I think it's having
	  progress made but is a little behind. No recent install
	  reports, no autobuilds, no daily builds (?), no CDs.

see shy jo

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