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Re: ports status update


* Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net> [2003-12-27 16:21]:
|  powerpc: Very shakey
|  	- Daily building is down; Thorsten Sauter needs a build machine
| 	  and bruckner is down, voltaire is not set up right. Needs a
| 	  debian admin or a kindly offer from someone with a powerpc
| 	  box.
| 	- Autobuilding ok.
| 	- Kernels are in a state of transition.
| 	- CD images are broken due to daily build issue.
| 	  May soon switch them over to use the autobuilt images.
| 	- No recent install reports, and dunno if it'll work.

I'm currently create initial images. And I can create the images for the
beta cdrom too. But my iBook isn't online all the time, so daily images
are impossible for me on this machine.

hppa: ?
  I like to see beta builds for hppa too. If no one is able to build
  such images, I can create the beta cdrom for hppa.
  The hppa looks in a very good state for me, no we _should_ provide
  image also.


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