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Re: Proposal for languagechooser and language list

> Suppose we order the items acording the numbers of people speaking the
> languages.  Very good -- in order to find the place of my language I
> have to remember my geography lessons from the school.  I will find
> much interesting and even surprising in the order.  Undoubtedly the
> Debian installer will add to my general knowledge.

Well, you don't *have* to know where your language is listed. You just
have to find it.

The idea behind my proposals is first avoiding to have a more or less
random order, like it is currently, with four flavors of french listed
in the first "page" while German is on the second page.

This "geographical" option is, as I already wrote, a "politically
correct option. As Steve already pointed out, this will put at the top
of the list some languages which are currently not really well
supported in Debian.

> Another interesting order is acording to the translation status of
> Debian.  Let the users know which languages we like and which we
> dislike. ;-)

They don't *have* to know. They will just find the most commonly used
languages (by Debian developers) at the top of the list.

> These orders are much better than the order language chooser uses now.
> The default option is an English sentence so if I am smart enough I
> will guess that the other options are the same sentence translated in
> different languages.  Now I have to thing how to translate this
> sentence to my language.  Hm, there are different possibilities.  I
> can not find my language but is this bacause there isn't a translation
> or because I haven't done carefull searching?  Very bad.
> If you want to make the installer boring, then sort the items
> alphabeticaly.  When the order is obvious, there is no fun, nothing to
> thing about.

I don't really understand your point finally. You seem to put some
irony, but I'm afraid I don't catch it....

> The maintainer of language-env is japanese and uses the following order:
> 1 : be  (Bielaruskaja,Belarusian)
> 2 : bg  (Bulgarian)
> 3 : ca  (Catala,Catalan)
> 4 : da  (Dansk,Danish)
> 5 : de  (Deutsch,German)
> 6 : es  (Espanol,Spanish)
> 7 : fr  (Francais,French)
> 8 : ja  (Nihongo,Japanese)
> 9 : ko  (Hangul,Korean)
> 10 : mk  (Makedonski,Macedonian)
> 11 : pl  (Polski,Polish)
> 12 : ru  (Russkii,Russian)
> 13 : sr  (Srpski,Serbian)
> 14 : th  (Thai)
> 15 : uk  (Ukrajins'ka,Ukrainian)

This more or less looks like Steve's proposal : use language codes as
"sorting" key. Side effect : this is the easiest thing to implement
currently, I guess.

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