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Re: cvs commit to debian-installer/build/debian by goswin

Thiemo Seufer <ica2_ts@csv.ica.uni-stuttgart.de> writes:

> Joey Hess wrote:
> > Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> > > See "d-i on mips" mail a few hours before this. There is also an
> > > installation report for MIPS and "sudo d-i-demo" shows:
> > 
> > I missed that report, have you a message-id or URL?
> Goswin meant probably mine, which is #220990.
> Btw, I have over a dozen of patches of varying importance here.
> With them I have working mips support for the demo target and
> at least half-working support for the netboot target (tested
> until base install, untested patch for arcboot-installer).
> The cdrom target is still broken, it will need some special
> image generation (ext2 fs in dvh partition).
> Is it possible to get CVS write access to speed things up?
> I'm not a Debian Developer.
> Thiemo

Send those patches. I'm waiting on 5 RC bugs that break my current
image generation so I can look at them inbetween.

Whats wrong with the demo traget? It doesn't have many components in
it but it worked fine here.


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