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Debconf templates polishing status


You will find below the status of the debconf templates polishing work
for d-i.

You will notice that I started to work on 2nd stage packages
templates, which are mentioned at the end.

It seems that some package (mostly the *-installer for exotic
platforms) haven't been released at all...or are less maintained. In
fact they aren't even mentioned in doc/translations.txt

Sorry for the few french comments in the lines below. They are mostly
intended for my own use. "Relance" means that I send a small mail for
asking whether something is planned. 

Remember that I do not have commit access (mostly for technical
reasons...I do not feel comfortable enough with CVS.....) and thus
need other people to commit the changes.

anna ;217018; RESOLVED ;;OK
retriever/floppy (floppy-retriever);218207;CLOSED (obsolete);obsolete;
tools/aboot-installer ;218208; Not pending 11/13;not tagged d-i, unknown package?;
tools/grub-installer ;218209; RESOLVED;;
tools/lilo-installer ;218273; Not pending 11/13;relance 11/13;
tools/hppa/palo-installer ;218342; Not pending 11/13;relance 11/13;
tools/yaboot-installer ;218343; RESOLVED;;
tools/sparc/silo-installer ;218567; Not pending 11/13;never uploaded;
tools/ia64/elilo-installer ;218568; Not pending 11/13;relance 11/13;
tools/mips/arcboot-installer ;218569; RESOLVED;;
tools/autopartkit ;218570; RESOLVED;;
tools/baseconfig-udeb ;218701; Not pending 11/13;relance+changement 11/13;
tools/s390/dasd ;218884; Not pending 11/13;relance 11/13;
tools/base-installer ;218992; Not pending 11/13;relance 17/11;
tools/cdrom-checker ;219189; RESOLVED;;
tools/ddetect ;219469; Not pending 11/13;relance 17/11;
tools/kbd-chooser ;219470; RESOLVED;;
tools/lvmcfg ;219471; Not pending 11/13;ACK 6/11. Relance 17/11;
tools/iso-scan ;219472; Not pending 11/13;relance 17/11;
tools/partconf ;219632; Not pending 11/13;relance 17/11;
tools/netcfg ;219633; Not pending 11/13;;
tools/partitioner ;220026; Not pending 11/13;plus 218912;
tools/prebaseconfig ;220030; Not pending 11/13;;
utils (di-utils) ;220180; Not pending 11/13;;
tools/cdrom-detect ;220180; Not pending 11/13;;
main-menu ;220449; Not pending 11/13;;
tools/s390/netdevice ;220543; Not pending 11/13;;
tools/cdebconf ; NONE ; Already OK;;
retriever/choose-mirror ; NONE ; Already OK?;;
tools/bugreporter-udeb ; NONE ; Already OK;;



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