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Debconf templates polishing status - 11/19

A lot of work has been commited last couple of days....

Several debconf templates changes to d-i packages are currently
pending in CVS, so the bugs below will be closed when the
corresponding packages will be released (please consider releasing if
nothing else is blocking).

The list below gives, package per package, the bug number of the
"Debconf polishing" work and the current status of this bug :

-RESOLVED : the bug is closed. Changes made
-Pending DD/MM : the changes have been commited to CVS and the bug
                 is pending (either tagged or not)
-Not pending : no news..:-)
-already OK : no changes were found necessary

THe second list mentions packages involved int final stages, after
rebooting. Some work is also needed here....

As a summary :

For "core" d-i packages, only lvmcfg needs some commit work. After it,
I would consider the debconf templates ready for a beta2.

For other packages, more work is needed, sometimes with collaboration
from the packages maintainers. Crucial work : discover (FTBFS bug),
shadow (several rewrites needed) and exim4-config (I'm working on it)

The full list (I keep record of this in a simple spreadsheet, hence
the format ;...:-)))

"anna ";217018;" RESOLVED ";;"OK";
"retriever/floppy (floppy-retriever)";218207;"CLOSED (obsolete)";;;
"tools/aboot-installer ";218208;"Commited 19/11";;;
"tools/grub-installer ";218209;" RESOLVED";;;"x"
"tools/lilo-installer ";218273;"Commited 19/11";;;
"tools/hppa/palo-installer ";218342;"Commited 19/11";;;
"tools/yaboot-installer ";218343;" RESOLVED";;;"x"
"tools/sparc/silo-installer ";218567;"Commited 19/11";;;
"tools/ia64/elilo-installer ";218568;"Pending 17/11";;;"x"
"tools/mips/arcboot-installer ";218569;" RESOLVED";;;
"tools/autopartkit ";218570;" RESOLVED";;;
"tools/baseconfig-udeb ";218701;"Commited avant 19/11";;;
"tools/s390/dasd ";218884;"Commited 19/11";;;
"tools/base-installer ";218992;"Pending 17/11";;;
"tools/cdrom-checker ";219189;" RESOLVED";;;
"tools/ddetect ";219469;"Pending 17/11";;;
"tools/kbd-chooser ";219470;" RESOLVED";;;
"tools/lvmcfg ";219471;" Not pending 11/13";"ACK 6/11. asked again 17/11";;
"tools/iso-scan ";219472;"Pending 17/11";;;
"tools/partconf ";219632;"Pending 17/11";;;
"tools/netcfg ";219633;"Pending 17/11";;;
"tools/partitioner ";220026;"Pending 17/11";"plus 218912.";;
"tools/prebaseconfig ";220030;"Pending 17/11";;;
"utils (di-utils) ";220180;"Pending 17/11";;;
"tools/cdrom-detect ";220180;"Pending 17/11";;;
"main-menu ";220449;"Pending 17/11";;;
"tools/s390/netdevice ";220543;"Commited 19/11";;;
"tools/cdebconf ";" NONE ";" Already OK";;;
"retriever/choose-mirror ";" NONE ";" Already OK?";;;
"tools/bugreporter-udeb ";" NONE ";" Already OK";;;

"discover";"NMU planned";;"FTBFS";;
"tasksel";221301;"Pending 17/11";;;
"aptitude";"no templates";;;;
"dselect";"no templates";;;;
"apt";"no templates";;;;
"exim4-config";"Under work";;;;

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