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Re: "Templates polishing" first round status

(CC'ed Denis so that he doesn't miss this. I guess he won't but -boot
traffic is quite high....)

Quoting Joey Hess (joeyh@debian.org):
> I have penciled in the string freeze in my calendar to end about 1 week
> before we release beta 2. I'd like to allow enough time in the string
> freeze for complete new translations to be done in that time, but I
> don't know how much time it typically takes to translate all of d-i to a
> new language. Would 1 week be long enough?

Starting from scratch ? That's a bit short, probably.

However, for several languages, the work has been done and re-done
while "upstream" (that is, english templates) was changed and
polished.....so, one week would be OK for the most active teams...but
still short for "teams" with only one or two translators.

Thanks to Denis Barbier work, there are tools which are able to send
reports about the status of d-i translations in a given language.

Example below.....

Denis, do you think it's possible to send once a full report for all
translations status here to boot ? Or even program your script so that
it sends a daily report of translation status for all languages to
-boot (the traffic is already huge anyway... :-))

Below is what Denis script sends daily to -l10n-french :

  debian-installer/anna: 16t1f  [Christian Perrier]
  debian-installer/retriever/floppy: 1t3u  [Pierre Machard]
* debian-installer/tools/cdebconf: 28t5f  [Pierre Machard]
  debian-installer/tools/cdrom-checker: 7t13f  [Pierre Machard]

All PO files merged: fr.po  580t22f4u

PO files are available at http://gluck.debian.org/~barbier/d-i/l10n/fr/

Generated on: Tue Nov 11 23:44:52 MST 2003

(the "*" means that po files are not uptodate, because
"debconf-updatepo" hasn't been run)

"t" means that a string is translated
"f" : the string is fuzzy because there was a translation but the
      original changed while the translation hasn't been updated
"u" : the string is not translated

So, as you may see, there are about 600 strings to translate in
d-i. Some of which with only one or two words....and others rather

A priority order could be chosen, btw : it is certainly more important
to translate the netcfg templates than s390/netdevice templates.....

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