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Re: dhcp idea

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> Why not merge dhcp and static?
> Try dhcp for some time or until the user hits abort.
> If dhcp finds any data seed it into debconf and jump to the final
> summary/acknowldege request in dhcp-static. Buttons there would be
> <retry dhcp> <edit manual> <continue>.
> I realy don't like two programs configuring the same in two ways.

Well if I were on a network with dhcp but did not want to use dhcp, I
might want to boot at medium priority and pick static config. Of course
a combined dhcp+manual configurator could simply ask at medium priority
before using dhcp with the same effect.

I have no strong preferences, I just know the current dhcp stuff is
annoying to a lot of users based on install reports.

see shy jo

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