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initrd-tools installation (was: Re: [ppc-new_tibook-15"] install report 2003-11-05)

Am Don, den 06.11.2003 schrieb Arnaud Vandyck um 15:01:
> Wow!
> First, should it be possible to NOT install the network via DHCP? but
> ask: 1° dhcp; 2° static; 3° no network.
> Everything was good untill kernel installation...
> I have a list of kernel. I chose 2.4.22 and it stay top this
> option... it's not possible to install yaboot. d-i wants me to install
> the kernel!
This is because apt-install initrd-tools is called before kernel
installation and this package is missing from the cdrom.

I wanted to correct this bug, but found no quick solution:
Currently this is controlled by debian-installer/kernel/linux/initrd
template in rootskel. This allows for a per arch default setting.

The current powerpc kernels do not need an initrd, but there is a
package underway (kernel-image-2.4.22-powerpc-pmac-small) which will
need an initrd for booting. So there is no general rule wether to
install these tools or not. Since all kernel-image packages which need
an initrd for booting should depend on initrd-tools anyway I suggest to
remove the apt-install call. 
debian-installer/kernel/linux/initrd should only be used as a default
for the kernel-image postinst warning, because this is what it is about
(according to the description) and not to determine if an initrd is
actually needed.

Any objections against removing this apt-install call?


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