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space considerations

some time ago, joey hess calls libd-i bloated. a few time before i added
many code to them which enlarges them by 13KiB uncompressed on powerpc.
at the same time a added a multicall binary to di-utils which wraps a
few of the functions for shell scripts. i also moved the shell and
mapdevfs binary in. the resulting binary had a size of 11 or 12KiB (the
glibc adds 8KiB overhead to each executable). joey hess removed that
modifications and also he removed the explicitely requested exec(log)
command. this removes 3KiB (uncompressed), readding execlog adds 5KiB of
some days after he ask why we use busybox-cvs. i don't respond further
but this was mainly space considerations. we decided to use the included
ash (now it is a dash) and later the modutils. this saves something
between 50 and 60 KiB compressed on i386. (and there are some KiBs left,
because we currently provide the iproute and old ifconfig/route

i have some modifications for libdi pending, it moves some unused
functions to another lib and partialy provides weak dummy symbols (i
hope they work as expected, the testing cycle is not yet written).


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