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Re: [ppc] install report 2003-11-03 :'(

Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> I had the same problem this morning while testing the latest image. I think it's
> related to changes Joey Hess made to anna. The newest anna has no longer a
> main-menu entry. These should be provided by the retrievers or a special
> "load-installer" udeb. This udeb is not included on the image. Probably we need
> to change the pkg-lists to get it on to the image. (I did not closely follow
> joeyh's changes and do not yet know exactly what needs to be changed.)

It's possible that I managed to break the daily build for a day,
although I tried to time things to avoid this. Your package list should
have the load-installer package on it; it does in current CVS as of 5 pm
yesterday, EST.

see shy jo

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