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Re: successful installation report (vmware)

On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 01:34:52AM +0100, Emanuele Rocca wrote:
> Il mar, 2003-11-04 alle 00:23, Joey Hess ha scritto:
> > Debian-installer-version: sarge-i386-netinst.iso from 2 Nov
> > Method: cdrom install on vmware
> Similar report, test performed with vmware and sarge-i386-netinst.iso
> from 3 Nov. (also for me this is the first successful install of d-i). 
> Comments/Problems:
> I tested the installer this afternoon and the installation process was
> ok. 
> Just a couple of things: when the d-i is downloading/extracting
> packages, the dialog box moves up and down if the .deb path is too long.
> Can the full path be omitted? The filename is not enough?

See bug 209273.

> Another problem, perhaps vmware-related: trying to switch back to the
> main menu from a console with ALT+F1 I still see the console output.
> Moving up and down with directional arrows redraws the screen.
> A screenshot is available here:
> http://members.xoom.virgilio.it/debian01/installer.png

See bug 215160.

> I tried to re-install sarge over the fresh installed system.
> I left the partition table untouched and in the "Configure and Mount
> Partitions" step I chose the "Leave the file system intact" option.
> After the packages extraction the installation hanged on "Install the
> base system". 
> This was the debootstrap.log content:
> ln: /target/usr/bin/awk: File exists
> Re-creating the file system I was able to install sarge through the d-i
> for the second time. :)

See bug 218606.


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