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Bug#219050: cannot find cdrom after reboot

Package: installation
Severity: important
Tags: d-i

Taken from an install report (on vmware) and the susequent conversation:

> > Here's the only significant problem I had: My cdrom was not properly
> > set up to be used in base-config. I had to go to a different VC and
> > manually load ide-detect and ide-cdrom modules before it was
> > seen. This is probably a bug in part of the installer, not sure
> > which part to file it on.
> I suspect this is related to the fact that ide-detect was introduced
> in kernel 2.4.22, and that it had another name earlier.  Expect module
> loading logic to be wrong.  More info is available from
> <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/211912>.

I don't see devfsd running, or devfs even mounted in my installed
system. It does seem likely that the rename has something to do with
this though.

I think this problem should only effect systems with scsi disks and an
ide cdrom. If the disk is also ide, then the initrd will load the
necessary ide modules (dunno if it loads ide-cd though).

see shy jo

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