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Re: d-i steps order : why directly go into cfdisk?

Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> OK, I will try to answer this to my best knowledge:
> It's not easily possible with the current design. You can not have
> submenus in main-menu and because main-menu is just another debconf
> question with priority medium it's only shown if the debconf priority is
> medium or lower. Normal installations start at high and therefore do not
> show main-menu unless there was an error.
> So the short answer is: This is somehow a problem of the modularity of
> debian-installer and it is not easy to fix it in a sane manner without
> changing the design of the installer.

Funny I was thinking about this same thing this morning, and I agree
with Sven.

As long as you consider this to be a special case (which to a large
degree it is), it's easy to deal with. Create a new udeb that checks to
see if partconf+partitioner and autopartkit are installed to build its
submenu. Stop providing a menu entry for those three udebs, and only
have one menu entry for the new one. It would manually display a submenu
(at priority critical probably because this is important):

   manual partitioning and formatting  <-- DEFAULT
   automatic partitioning and formatting

And then call partconf + partitioner or autopartkit depending on the
selection. If they throw an error, propigate it out to main-menu.

The only downsides I see are that you will be unable to jump directly to
partconf or re-run it without going through partitioner first (but this
is not a big deal), and that if we should get yet a third partitioner or
formatter, the sub menu will need to be manually extended. That seems
fairly unlikely though.

see shy jo

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