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Re: [ppc] netinstall image from gluck report


first, I'm not following debian-powerpc@ at the moment, so please
forgive me, if I ask some questions twice.

| I'm still  trying to install  sarge on my  new powerbook 15". Now  I can
| boot linux from the cdrom 
| (openfirmware> boot cd:,install\powermac\yaboot)

doesn't the cdrom image boot automaticly by holding the >c< key?
Maybe this doesn't work on newer powerbooks?

| debian-installer launches (but I still have these problems:
| ---
| modprobe: failed to load module usb-ohci
| modprobe: Can't locate module usbkbd
| modprobe: Can't locate module keydev
| modprobe: Can't locate module usbserial
| ---
| maybe these are only warnings. it did not fail). 

should be ok. Powerpc doesn't have those modules at the moment. The
kernel should support all required hardware out-of-the-box.

| Then, d-i asks my language. 

no segfault here? :)

| Then,   impossible  to   mount  a   partition.   I  did   not  try   the
| auto-partitionner (I  read the list! ;)).  So I did execute  a shell and
| mount /, /home and 'swapon', then exit. 

the partitioner doesn't start? no question about the retriever type?
Maybe you should try to install with a lower priority.
Set DEBCONF_PRIORITY=normal on the openfirmware prompt.

| Then  I did  install  the base  system  but it  fails to  'download'(?!)
| exim4. I did verify and exim4 _is_ on the cdrom! 


| Keep doing the good job, I'll re-try tomorrow. 
| Thanks for your work,

thanks for your report. Please test it again :-)


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