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Re: Minimal powerpc kernel, miboot users please test (Was Re: modularized powerpc kernel)

Am Mit, den 29.10.2003 schrieb Sven Luther um 10:46:
> BTW, i tried a new install today and the configure&mount partition
> exhibited some strange (and buggy) behavior. I have 11 partitions, and i
> choose the last partition to be ext3 formated and mounted as /. The / is
> shown after the first partition though, and this is probably what
> happened the last time and what made d-i start formating a partition it
> should not. And then autopartkit overwrote my partition table. 
This is bug #216046 which was fixed and uploaded yesterday by pere.
I don't know if it was only a displaying bug or if it would have
formatted the wrong partition too. I never tried it.


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