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Re: Minimal powerpc kernel, miboot users please test (Was Re: modularized powerpc kernel)

Am Fre, den 24.10.2003 schrieb Chris Tillman um 08:15:
> On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 06:14:29PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:

> Aha! I got a working kernel. I guess I know more than I think I do :)
> Here is the diff for the config, from your -small config. I really
> don't know which of these were essential, I ended up with only 59k
> free space on the floppy. But I guess that's enough.
For now it is. Altough I think most of the options you enabled are not
necessary. Could you test, if the keyboard also works for loading the
initrd when you only enable these two settings:
Of course you will not be able to install from the woody root.bin with
this kernel, because it will miss IDE and SCSI, but like that the kernel
would be more similar to the i386 one. Also if it works, we know which
settings are really essential.
> Also, whoever can work on it to make it part of the d-i build: I put
> the script to generate the floppy miBoot image (stolen from
> boot-floppies), and the necessary pieces, plus the resulting floppy
> image, at
> http://members.cox.net/toff1/miBoot.tgz

I will have a look at that.
> The floppy boots and loads the woody root.bin on my clone machine.
> I'll try to test on a 9500 later if I get a chance. I couldn't test
> the sarge root.bin yet, the one I had handy (from a last week's CD)
> was too big for a floppy.

We will be able to make working images for this kernel as soon as joeyh
finishes his work on linux-kernel-di.


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