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Re: HOWTO install Debian from another distribution?


Arnaud Vandyck writes:

> I did build debootstrap from another powerpc and launched it.  It
> installed some packages but I do not have 'ar'! nor a 'functionnal'
> Debian system! :(

> is it the good way to install Debian from another distribution?

debootstrap is definitely the way to go.  It will give you a minimal
but functional Debian system.  You may have to configure a few things
manually (I recall the root password, the first user account, the
hostname, the network, and the sources.list).

If you have a Debian system running on a different architecture, you
can also debootstrap the powerpc binaries into a directory and use
that as an NFS-root for netbooting your Mac (incidentally, that's how
I installed my new Powerbook from the old one).

Regards, Jens.

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