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HOWTO install Debian from another distribution?

[Note: arch=new powermac]
[Sorry for crosspost, I don't know which list is more appropriated] 

Hi all,

I do have some problems to  boot with the new debian-installer images. I
did also try woody but it fails to recognize my harddisk! 

I got  a GentooLive for powerpc that  boots ok. I could  partition my hd
and now  I have yaboot configured (some  linux and osX). I  did copy the
gentoo kernel, modules and modules.conf and told yaboot to boot on it. 

I  did  build debootstrap  from  another  powerpc  and launched  it.  It
installed  some packages but  I do  not have  'ar'! nor  a 'functionnal'
Debian system! :(

I  did   not  recall  the  program   that  is  launched   at  the  first
installation. Also,  is it the good  way to install  Debian from another
distribution? Do  you have some more  informations about it?  What can I
launch to re-install debian? how can I build it? 

Many  thanks for some  links. Now  that I  have a  running linux  on the
powerbook, I can try to compile some stuff to install... 

Many thanks for your help and for your time,

  .''`.  ** Debian GNU/Linux **
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