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Re: udebs depending on libc-udeb

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Joey Hess]
> > I've noticed that a number of udebs depend on libc-udeb. Is there a
> > reason? Either the udeb is installed onto the boot media, and library
> > reduction gives it all the symbols it needs, or it is loaded later and
> > libc-udeb should be loaded at the same time, and I don't think a
> > dependency will help if it's not.
> I believe this dependency is added because the documentation states
> somewhere that udebs should list all their dependencies with no
> exceptions.  I interpret this to mean that udebs should depend on
> libc-udeb.  If this is wrong, the documentation should be changed.

That is not quite true for reduced libraries.

> Why isn't libc-udeb recorded as already installed?  No need to
> download it if it is already installed, right?

The package list contains an entry for something like libc6-reduced, but
I would not put that in a udeb dependency.

see shy jo

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