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udebs depending on libc-udeb

I've noticed that a number of udebs depend on libc-udeb. Is there a
reason? Either the udeb is installed onto the boot media, and library
reduction gives it all the symbols it needs, or it is loaded later and
libc-udeb should be loaded at the same time, and I don't think a
dependency will help if it's not.

In particulat anna's dependency on libc-udeb seems pointless, since anna
has to be on the initrd. The other ones are autopartkit bogl-bterm-udeb
nano-udeb, and slang1a-utf8-udeb.

The problem is that this dependency results in libc-udeb being
downloaded as part of a build. That adds about half an hour to my
download, even though the floppy images do not currently need libc-udeb
at all.

see shy jo

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