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Re: Proposed build system: PREP

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 12:27:33PM +0100, Leigh Brown wrote:
> Gabriel Paubert said:
> > I find it quite stupid to distinguish them from PreP only because
> > they have a different host bridge (Raven/Falcon/Hawk). This said
> > I wrote my own bootloader for them which never made it to the
> > official tree for several reasons but mostly my fault (I'm very
> > bad at pushing changes and "marketing", although my bootloader has
> > some nice features that no other has).
> Well, I for one would be very interested in a copy, as I think the
> stock PReP boot loader leaves a lot to be desired.

And hopefully mine is easier to modify too. But I have more or less
let it bitrot for about 3 years (it works for my boards). Most of
the patches/code are still available at:


but I believe I have more recent versions somewhere. I have to upgrade
soon in any case, but there are 2 more urgent hardware projects and one
software on my TODO list first.


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