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Re: Proposed build system

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

> For powerpc, this would be :
>   oldpmac miboot floppy install : needs one kernel floppy + miboot,
>   initrd on one floppy also, but maybe a two phase installation (would
>   need 3 floppies) as the initrd will not fit on one floppy.

CD1/disks link to ^^^

Netboot images will be on CD1 too.
>   oldpmac bootx/newpmac yaboot : both will be the same, exception is
>   that newpmac will use yaboot, while oldpmac will give instructions on
>   getting and making bootx work.

CD1 bootblock
>   chrp/chrp-rs6k builtin initrd : this one would need a initrd builtin
>   the kernel image, and will easily be booted from either yaboot (chrp)
>   or from OF directly (chrp-rs6k or pegasos).

CD2 bootblock
>   prep : no idea, but the above method should do also.

CD3 bootblock

And then start from the begining with different kernel flavours or
low-mem versions or just non-bootable CDs.

Does that sound ok?
> And about flavors or installation methods, all of these need to come in
> a cdrom and a net flavor, altough it would be best if one initrd can do
> both, but this doesn't seem to be possible. The different methods of
> booting the kernel+initrd do not influence how we will retrieve stuff
> later on (udebs, base, rest of it).
> As for bootable CDs, i don't know what the method is for old/newpmac,
> chrp, chrp-rs6k or prep, but there is nothing such for pegasos right
> now, so it will have to use OF (boot /pci/ide/cd@1,0 debian-installer).
> Any comment from the reminding powerpc people ?
> Friendly,
> Sven Luther


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