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Re: Proposed build system

Am So, den 05.10.2003 schrieb Gaudenz Steinlin um 14:38:

> The image target (which builds a floppy image) is not meaningfull for
> every arch and every boot method. That i386 emulates floppys for cd
> booting is a special case, not a general way of booting from cds. So if
> we want to have a deb for all cases we should not only differentiate by
> installation method (TYPE= cdrom, netboot, bootfloppy) but also by boot
> method (cdrom, floppy, tftp, ...). 

Hm, I do not quite understand. We have the TYPES to roughly
differentiate between the install flavours we want to provide. On
different arches this may be differently implemented, this is supported
by having pkg-lists, configurations and make targets variable for each
architecture. If one target is not appliable for an arch at all, this
target won't be built on that arch (denoted by deleting it from the
Architectures: line of the corresponding package).

I'd propose to just autobuild the boot-images and put them into the
archive. The same as is done presently e.g. by martin Sjogren:

To burden the autobuilders, archive and the mirrors with full cd sets is
perhaps not a good idea, espacially when we want daily builds e.g. for
unstable or testing builds.

What I propose is to automate the job Martin does for i386 (and I
believe Thorsten for powerpc and so on) to provide the booti-images in
the archive and leave forther processing to other mechanisms.

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