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Integrating the debian-installer into the archive

Hello FTP Masters, Release Manger, d-i Team
and Ryan Murray for the buildd people,

The subject line may sound familary, but that is on purpose. :-)

The debian-installer will be build from one source
and produce various binaries (none-debs) [1].

Our (di-team) current approach is to hide^Wput the images[1] in
a dot deb package and worry some later time how to make the
binaries[1] available.
This two step approach has the advantage that we can building on 
all architectures due the existing various buildd systems.
But those beatifull images[1] in .deb, can't be use for booting
or netbooting[2], we need the "naked" images.
We are looking for a way to generate the binaries on all archs as
none-debs and an integration method with the debian archive.

Our questions are:
 - can the build demons handle this?
 - where can the various binaries[1] be stored?

Geert Stappers

 Binaries as you find on http://people.debian.org/~sjogren/d-i/images/daily/

 The bootfloppy era is over, http://debian-imac.sourceforge.net/

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