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Re: new installer

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 01:09:07PM +0000, simon raven wrote:
> any kernel that lies in the startup System\ Folder/$some_sub_dir on the mockos classic
> partition; as long as it recognises it as a linux.bin (this name can be
> changed in the application resources) it'll boot.

it doesn't need to be named linux.bin, that whole .bin thing is dumb anyway.

> >   Quik : supports uncompressed kernels (the same as is used with yaboot)
> >   and is used to boot oldworld systems from the harddisk. It seems that
> >   the Performa 6360 does not work with Quik.
> there are issues with various oldworlds; quik won't work on nubus pmacs
> at all, as it relies on a working OF - but debian doesn't support nubus,
> so that's moot.

some models require more OF variable munging then others, and its not
always trivial to detect what variable settings are needed on given
models. some models, seemingly being the same, behave differently.

> >   miboot: is also a macos (non-X) ROM based tool, can boot compressed
> >   kernels from a floppy, but no idea which kernel this is, and what is
> >   used for initrd. Is this the arch/ppc/boot/images/miboot.image ?
> i think so. i haven't used an miboot.image before.

miboot.image is not relevant.  look at boot-floppies for how to make a
miboot boot floppy.

plain root.bin works as the initrd, just dd it to a floppy and it will
work.  (the right kernel args must be embedded within miboot).

> >   plain OF : uses the .coff kernel, and apparently only works over a
> >   serial OF console.
> hrm, maybe, maybe not. if you can manage to get to a screen based OF
> console (i.e., change input- and output-device) you don't need to do it
> through serial; though making that change has to be done through some
> means - a floppy running a Forth/FCode script or something like that, or
> changing it manually from an OS of some sort (as far away from mockos
> version anything if possible). i'm allergic to mockos ;)

there is a util for macos9 which can fiddle with some variables on
oldworld, but if you don't have macos your stuck, get a serial term.

making a macosROM based boot floppy which changes OF variables to
something preset is an idea of mine, but i don't know M68K asm.

> if memory serves me well, benh and i briefly discussed the possibility
> of netbooting OWs; this depends on the OF version, as 1.0.5 is pretty
> crippled in this dept., but there may be a way around this somehow.

you need some forth patches, which are a pain to get installed.

> netbooting depends pretty much 100% on a working .coff image, and TMK,
> .coff on PPC has been fixed as of 2.4.22 (therein lies the problem; i

coff is fixed, but what mainline kernel its actually fixed in im not
sure.  i didn't think that was even merged in 2.4.22 yet, but im not
sure.  2.4.23 should almost certainly be ok.

> saw some traffic on this list re: 2.4.21...), though we can prolly port
> the code to 2.4.21, since it seems pretty uncomplicated (it's like
> chaning a total of ~10 lines of code IIRC).

there is no reason for debian to stay with 2.4.21, there is plenty of
time to move to something current.

> as long as there's a driver for it, it can read the .udeb off the cdrom.
> it's the booting from cdrom that's the issue, not reading from cdroms
> itself.

booting cannot be done, but mounting the CD post-boot is fine, its on
the same scsi bus as the disk, so if you plan to actually install you
would need the right scsi driver anyway.

Ethan Benson

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