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Re: new installer

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 12:41:19PM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> So what this boils too, is that for old-world pmac support, there is not
> much to be done :
>   1) Kernel : create one more kernel-image udeb, which contains a
>   compressed vmlinux udeb for miboot.
>   2) boot-loader installer : someone write a proper quik-installer, and
>   this one gets called on pmac hardware.
> As for the pre-boot stuff, there is three ways of booting that need to
> be documented (mostly done in the woody install documentation) and we
> need to build the stuff needed by the user.
>   1) miboot booting : needs to get the kernel from the
>   kernel-image-pmac-miboot udeb, or gzip the one from the
>   kernel-image-pmac, and create two floppy images of it and the initrd.
>   2) bootx install : just put the standard pmac kernel and the initrd
>   somewhere together with documentation on how to get bootx.
>   3) serial OF install : uses the .coff kernel, need to create an udeb
>   using it.

pretty much.

> I will create the needed stuff from the kernels, i would like someone
> with oldpmac hardware to confirm that by just compressing the vmlinux
> kernel and putting it on a miboot floopy it will work though.

there is no need to confirm it, this method has been used in
boot-floppies for years, since before potato was released.

> Someone else need to do the quik-installer though, and well, the
> pre-boot stuff is not all that difficult.

quik-installer is moderatly complicated if you want to do it right, it
needs to depend on yaboot since yaboot provides ofpath.

Ethan Benson

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