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Re: new installer

On Fri, Oct 03, 2003 at 09:23:31AM +0000, simon raven wrote:
> Le Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 10:49:16 +0200, Sven Luther a écrit:
> > 
> > The most funny was the guy telling us to use yaboot2 and that d-i was
> > just crap.
> who said? and if you're referring to me, that's not what i said. i said
> quik was, not d-i. and besides i have no personal experience with d-i,
> seems i wouldn't anyway, since no one but me gives a crap about OW PMac
> boots... anyway i *do* however have experience with boot-floppies. if
> d-i on OW goes nowhere, i'll just develop my own stuff based on b-f, and
> be done with it. and then maybe i'll work on d-i on OW (as if anyone
> besides me gives a crap anyway).

Better participate and make sure that that it works, much more
constructive that way. Also, i was refering about the person (maybe you,
i don't remember) who was telling to use yaboot2, while it doesn't seem
that yaboot2 will be ready this decenny.

> as usual, you have an old anything (which isn't *that* old, considering
> m68k prolly has a d-i being developped for it, and that's even older in

Well, the difference is that m68K people care and do the work, but if
you just complain, and nobody who cares is having the hardware, how can
we advance ? Notice that it is well probable that powerpc/apus support
will be there earlier than oldworld pmacs in the current situation.

> the macintosh line...) and as soon as most people that can afford such
> things as a new machine, they just forget about older stuff. typical
> consumerist attitude...

No, the problem is that it is damn hard to test stuff if you don't have
the hardware for it. Especially kernels and boot-loader stuff.

> anyway, i'm going to start working on that now, i'm clearing my
> calendar.

Please do.


Sven Luther

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