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Re: new installer

On Thu, Oct 02, 2003 at 11:48:46AM +0200, Sven Luther wrote:
> > give up on the idea of a master kernel that works on more then one
> > powerpc, its not gunna happen.
> Currently, the oldpamc, newpmac, chrp, chrp-rs6k, prep kernels are all
> built from the same source, and with the same configuration file.
> Furthermore, they use the same build target (zImage), at least as far as
> kernel-package is concerned, and i suppose it works for most people,
> since nobody complained. So this is already happening.

not bloody well, everyone must compile thier own kernel to get
something useful.

the zImage target doesn't mean much since there are many different
images generated from that, NONE of which are usable to yaboot, or quik.

> > as for arch/ppc none of that works with any powerpc bootloader.
> > yaboot2 might accept some of them, MIGHT.  but for now, ONLY the
> > vmlinux at the root of the tree if of any use.
> Well, but right now, yaboot2 is very far from a usable state, so we
> don't care for the sarge release, or did it change recently ?

nope, yaboot 1 will NOT change.  unless someone finds that yaboot 1
rm -rf's / it won't be changed.  very minor changes to support things
like the G5 will happen, but thats it.  its in more strict maintenence
mode then debian stable.

> You don't know, i will probably look at this myself, or wait for
> explanation of more knowledgeable people.

nobody knows.  what i CAN tell you is they are not usable to yaboot,
quik, or miboot.

> > im not insulting anyone, im stating FACTS.
> Sure, but they are more or less insulting ways of saying it, please stay
> polite.

i just state things as i see them in the most efficient means.  i
don't have time for sugar coating bullshit.  if something is broken
crap ill say its broken crap.

don't like that, i dont care.

Ethan Benson

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