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Re: new installer

Le Sun, Sep 28, 2003 at 00:32:35 +0100, Matthew Garrett a écrit:
> Simon Raven wrote:
> > just because you haven't been able to use and install on one machine
> > correctly doesn't mean that they're all like that... (i can troll too
> > you know ;). some suck yes, but not all of them do. a lot of them are
> > quite easy to install on. i've worked on clones to the late power
> > macintosh ones (8x00), and the 7500-7500 and the 8500-8600 are
> > especially easy. and the 7200 is relatively simple to do, just need the
> > right serial cable (possibly hacked) and another machine.
> Eh? 7200 installs are entirely possible without a serial cable, but are a 
> bugger to do the OF configuration on due to the lack of a video driver. 
> You can do it entirely from within Linux, though. But unless someone cares 
> sufficiently to do it, support in debian-installer won't happen. I have 
> appropriate hardware here, so I may take a look at it in a couple of weeks 
> time once my current deadline is out of the way.

ok my bad. i haven't worked on 7200s yet. i would volunteer my own
machine, but it's the server around here, and i don't want to FUBAR it,
as it is one of the only 2 boxen we have. i would do it at ex-mac, but
i'm loaded up with several projects, one of them is porting LTSP to


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