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Re: d-i minimum system requirements

> > I was wondering if there was any speculation on what the minimum system
> > requirements for d-i are.
> > 
> > Is 4MB, 8MB, 12MB enough ram? How close are things to any real RAM limit?
> More like 32 mb. There is a cool hack involving LVM and a live cd
> filesystem that should reduce this to the 8 mb range.
I just tested the installer in VMWare with 32M ram, the ramdisk got
100% filled while loading the installer modules (with no extra modules
selected). The ramdisk was 14.8M. Then I changed the amount of ram to
64MB wich resulted in a ramdisk of 30.6M wich got filled for 52%
(15.8M). AFAIK loading the installer modules is the last step wich
takes (much) space on the ramdisk, so parhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea
to increase the size of the ramdisk to 16M (when 32M ram is installed), 
that way you can install on a system with 32M of ram.

Tim Vandermeersch

Belgian skolelinux team

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