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Re: travel to oldenburg, and the event itself

On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 08:09:24PM +0200, Martin Schulze wrote:
> You should probably copy such mails to me so I don't miss them.
> Geert Stappers wrote:
> > So far the reminder.
> > I miss the fact that the "d-i people" are guest on a Linux porters party,
> > but I think we will mix well with the "beyond Intel people".
> Well, formalia...
> However, you are quite right.  I guess nobody did emphasise this
> before.  This developers meeting has a long tradition of similar
> meetings.  In 1995 the first m68k developers meeting was held in
> Solingen, organised by Thorsten Floeck.
> >From 1996 it was organised in Oldenburg and m68k people and hosts
> penetrated the meeting.  A couple of years later, after the m68k port
> of Linux became quite stable and usable, developers hungered for a new
> challenge.  Hence, new architectures were brought to the meetings,
> like alpha, sparc, powerpc, arm.
> Therefore, the meeting is a non-ia32 porting meeting these days.  I
> guess, it is also the major mips hacking event since about all German
> developers are there and two from Poland as well this year at least.
> So yes, the d-i camp is "only" a guest at this meeting, but as long as
> the infrastructure is sufficient, I'm happy to be able to host it.
> However, we can't use a single room for working anymore.  It was quite
> full last year already and there were "only" 22 developers.  Hence,
> I've reserved the room we used to use for sleeping as second room for
> the debian-installer work camp.

Okay, now we more what the expect, thanks.

> > May I run a DHCP server on the network?
> Yes, however, there should only be a maximum at _one_ DHCP servers
> that answer to random requests.  If you limit your DHCP server to only
> a couple of addresses, it should be no problem.


> > The DHCPD should tell which image to transfer by tftp.
> I guess, several people will run a bootpd, bootparamd, and tftpd.
> Out of curiosity, do you consider yourself as Linux hacker or d-i
> hacker this time?

Oldenburg is this year a d-i camp for me. ( please change
 http://oldenburger.linuxtage.de/Oldenburg2003/attendees.php3 )

> Regards,
> 	Joey

Geert Stappers

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