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Re: updated powerpc debian-installer builds

* Gaudenz Steinlin <gaudenz@soziologie.ch> [030923 14:12]:
> >I tried this one out on my iMac, but didn't get too far.  The boot
> >stops right after finding and mounting the ramdisk image; it says
> >Warning: console cannot be opened.
> I sometimes noticed a similar error message "Unable to open initial 
> console". I thought it was because the unix.o kernel module did not 
> load. But I haven't seen it with the actual d-i build.

I got the "Unable to open initial console."-message each time I built
the root-fs with fakeroot (e.g. by building images) and then generating
the image in a new fakeroot (e.g. by chaning a file in the directory
and building a new image from it). In that case the reason was
obvious when looking from the right direction: mknod cannot create
the node for the initale console in the underlying filesystem so
the information is lost with fakeroot exiting.

	Bernhard R. Link
The man who trades freedom for security does not deserve 
nor will he ever receive either. (Benjamin Franklin)

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